LimoGreenService is an Italian Company, leader in limo services. It own a more than thousand vehicle fleet.

LimoGreenService works with a revolutionary and innovative technology, based on environmental sustainability and the productivity increase of their carriers.

LimoGreenService is a tool made by limoservices companies for Customers and limo services companies. It doesn’t exploit drivers neither force companies to work under their value and with low payments. It is not a broker, it doesn’t take profit from their partners effort. For this reason, you can be sure when you buy a Classic or a Green, you are paying directly the partner Company who will transport you (or your guests), without any intermediary costs.

When you book, you certainly know you entrust a real Company, based near your departure or arrival place. You are choosing a driver who is happy to do his job, who is welcoming you with a big smile and who is driving you in safe.
LimoGreen Drivers show a formal ( suite and tie) or informal ( suite without tie) dress code, depending on your preferences.

All the LimoServices Companies have all the necessary legal requirement to drive people: B driver license, CAP KB, Iscrizione al Ruolo Dei Conducenti.

LimoGreenService wants to guarantee you the best quality and the respect for the environment, no matters which service you choose. For this reason it works only with Euro V and Euro VI emission class vehicles. All the sedans and minivans have insurance until 50 millions of Euros. They have been clean inside and outside before and after each transportation.

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