These terms and conditions will be applied to the use and access to the services that the website makes available to its customers.

The customer acknowledges and accepts that LIMOGREENSERVICE operates exclusively as a telematic platform for the purpose of intermediary between customer-passenger and the NCC service provider; consequently, the customer will only have to report to the latter.

LIMOGREEN SERVICE and the NCC service providers offered by its platform collect and save the personal data necessary for the execution of the contract, complying with the relevant provisions of the Law. Please note the privacy statement at:


1a. LIMOGREENSERVICE offers its customers two types of services: one, full rate, called CLASSIC, which consists of the NCC service as manual and one, at a discounted rate, called GREEN, which consists of a transfer service that uses the return routes in remittance of the renters-suppliers of the service;


1b. Service supply contracts will be completed in the following ways:


Selection by the customer of the type of service he intends to book and purchase;
Immediate payment by credit card / PayPal;
Compilation of the booking form with any billing information;
Submission by LIMOGREENSERVICE of an e-mail confirming receipt of the reservation with the details of the NCC company that will carry out the service, which involves the conclusion of the contract;
Sending by the NCC, which has received the assignment, of the invoice or receipt to the customer, within 5 working days from the date of payment;

1c. The customer who chooses the type of service called GREEN accepts:

That the service may be delayed up to a maximum of 30 minutes, upon communication from the driver;
    b.Che will not be refunded in case of cancellations
    c.The make and model of the vehicle may be changed.

1d. The customer who chooses the type of service called CLASSIC accepts:

What brand and model of the vehicle can be modified in the cases highlighted at the booking;
Which, if canceled with at least 24 hours notice, compared to the time of service, will receive a voucher valid for 6 months, to be used for a service of the same value, the one initially booked, to be used for new booking with the same company to which the service was canceled.

1e. For both types, CLASSIC and GREEN, the service, upon notice to the customer, due to unforeseen events, could be entrusted to an NCC company different from the one mentioned in the reservation; only in the case of the CLASSIC type, the replacement will take place maintaining the characteristics of the booked service.


1f. The Customer, after having used the service, will have the right to release feedback on the same.


The price of the reservation applies to the relative route without intermediate stops and detours.


Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, for the booking of CLASSIC service and, always, for the GREEN typology, will result in the loss of credit.


Extra requests, compared to those provided and optional at the time of booking (English speaking, pet friendly, baby seats available, "silent" option for the driver) must be agreed after booking, directly with the NCC service provider.

LIMOGREENSERVICE does not guarantee that it is possible to satisfy non-optionable extra requests at the time of booking.


Inside all cars it is forbidden to smoke and it is obligatory to use seat belts and to maintain correct and adequate behavior.


6a. The Service Provider may refuse to perform it if it is unable to do so due to unsubscribed reservation requests, which will not be reimbursed;

6b. The Service Provider may refuse to perform the service or terminate it if the customer does not comply with the rules of conduct within the vehicle; in this case the customer will not be entitled to any reimbursement of the service paid;

6c. The Service Provider may refuse to fulfill the contract if it has a reasonable suspicion that the customer intends to use the service in a way or for illicit purposes.


LIMOGRENSERVICE is not responsible for the obligations resulting from contracts concluded between the customer and the NCC service provider.

LIMOGREENSERVICE shall not be liable for any actions or omissions of service providers as they are not its employees or auxiliaries.
LIMOGREENSERVICE is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that could be incurred by the Customer in relation to the use of the services offered, acting as the intermediary of a service contract with NCC service providers.


The use of the LIMOGREENSERVICE platform and the service supply contracts offered by the platform itself is subject to Italian law.

For all disputes relating to the use of the LIMOGREENSERVICE platform and to the individual service supply contracts, the Court of Milan is competent.